Yaz Garcia




Yaz has been a qualified personal trainer for six years now and has been working for BXR for over three years as a Master trainer for all 'sweat' group fitness classes.
Fitness is something that has been a part of Yaz’ life ever since she was very young with gymnastics and swimming being her favourites. Yaz took part In these sports from the age of 5-16 and she swam for her country in this time period.
Yaz also has experience of coaching internationally where she has opened up the new Sweatbybxr In Qatar as well as being a master trainer in Asia.
She is super happy to share her passion for training and be able to help others find their love for movement not just for their physical health but for their mental wellbeing too. She believes taking control of your own physical and mental well-being is the greatest step that you can take and will have a positive impact on other aspects of your life.

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