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BXR clinic powered by Marylebone Health Group

The BXR clinic powered by the Marylebone Health Group provides the very latest in science and medicine for you to be in optimal health. The clinic will provide you with innovative management plans including clinical rehabilitation, physical therapy, nutrition and specialised strength and conditioning. If you train like a champion you should receive treatment like one too!

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Marylebone Health Group

Marylebone Health Group is Harley Street's leading sports medicine and performance practice with medical treatments, health plans, therapy and performance coaching from the best in the business. Our team have worked across multiple Olympic games and in professional sports such as boxing, rugby, premier league football, tennis and athletics. CHHP adopts a 360 degree holistic approach centred not just on injury but on your overall physical health. We believe that in offering this approach, our clients receive comprehensive and unrivalled support on their performance journey or recovery from injury and return to being top of their game.

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Our services

The BXR clinic powered by Marylebone Health Group offers the highest level of care in the form of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Osteopathy, Soft Tissue and Sports Therapy, Nutrition and Performance. These services are available to both members and non-members, with members receiving an exclusive discount

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Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Identify and improve problem areas in your performance or movement; to improve strength and resilience and to prevent and recover from injury; helping you to come back stronger every time.

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Tackle root causes of musculoskeletal problems and make sure your joints, muscles and ligaments are functioning smoothly for peak performance.

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Soft Tissue & Sports Therapy

Relieve tension, improve mobility, reduce recovery time and get back to training faster & stronger.

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Nutrition & Performance

Nutrition is the foundation of optimal health and performance. Whether you are looking to boost your performance, train for a challenge, improve your body composition or just be in the best possible health, our nutrition service is bespoke to you. Every metabolism is unique and must be considered individually. Bespoke Nutrition and performance testing and coaching with our Olympic level coaches will have you performing at your peak in the gym and beyond.

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