elevate your recovery

Optimise your fitness, health and recovery with the latest addition at BXR Marylebone.

BXR Lab proudly unveils its cutting-edge recovery area, redefining wellness for fitness enthusiasts. Including a rejuvenating cold plunge and advanced infrared sauna. Designed to accelerate recovery and enhance performance, these offerings provide a holistic approach to wellness.


Cold Plunge

Immerse yourself in our new cold plunge, precisely set at 6 degrees, enhancing your post-workout recovery and boosting circulation. This unique experience extends beyond a simple plunge; it's a rejuvenating journey towards revitalisation and peak performance. It's an essential element for those committed to optimal wellbeing.

Bxr lab 4

Infrared Sauna

Step into the soothing warmth of infrared light, penetrating deep into your muscles for a detoxifying experience like no other. Elevate relaxation, stimulate collagen production, and amplify your overall wellbeing.


Session duration can be used however you please between services.

Single session

25 minutes - £40

45 minutes - £60

Pack of 5 sessions

25 minutes - £190

45 minutes - £280

Pack of 10 sessions

25 minutes - £360

45 minutes - £540

Guest price

25 minutes - +£10

45 minutes - +£20

Located at our Marylebone site

Chiltern Street
London W1U 5QY
Entrance: 24 Paddington Street