Kyle Wightman




Kyle has a decade of coaching in the health and fitness industry, working from a variety of remarkable training facilities ranging from members clubs, international competitive strength and physique gyms, to working with high profile individuals in private spaces.

Throughout his whole career, body aesthetics has been his primary focus. He has an abundance of strength and conditioning training methods to improve human performance through experience, education and most importantly passion. During Kyle’s career he has expanded his education to lead into GP referred clients, body, postural corrections and specialising in back pain management giving a diverse set of skills and knowledge as a professional.


"If you want to look like an athlete, train and live like an athlete”

Although Kyle’s primary focus is to help you enjoy your journey he ensures you’ll learn to maintain consistent behavioural lifestyle changes whilst keeping a professional friendly relationship.

Kyle will be able to help you manage your aspirations using a variety of functional exercises, movements and lifestyle adaptations in a measurable manor to help manage efficient progression. This is a key priority for Kyle to create a clear understanding so that you will have the tools to adapt your body for holistic longevity.

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