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Olu Adepitan



Olu was born and raised in East London by Nigerian parents. Growing up he wanted to be a pro football player, but his parents stopped it as only a small portion of kids make it professionally and they didn’t want him to put all his eggs in one basket. It wasn’t until after secondary school that he knuckled down education-wise, his sister (18 months older than him) convinced him to study science like her because of his love for nature. It was while studying Chemistry, Biology, and Physics that he stumbled across Nutritional and Sport sciences, the rest is history.


Olu Adepitan is the Fitness Manager at BXR London. You can usually find him in the wondering around the club or on the gym floor. He can help with any questions or feedback you might have and is always happy to help. He has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and is highly knowledgeable. His expertise allows him to vary your workouts according to your goals, above all ensuring that you both enjoy and achieve from his training sessions.

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