BXR Clinic Trainers Ciaran Keen

Ciaran Keen



Ciaran is a specialist Osteopath with a keen interest in integrated care and sporting injuries.

Ciaran graduated from the European School of Osteopathy in 2014 and has since worked across a wide range of clinical environments from the NHS to University sports at Brunel University as well as private practice. Ciaran has always had a passion for sports and therefore exercise features heavily with all his patients and he has a strong belief that you have the ability to fix yourself with the right guidance. Ciaran uses a range of structural techniques from joint manipulation to soft tissue massage.

Ciaran has previously coached cross fit and Olympic weightlifting so is equally comfortable in both a gym and a clinical room. Ciaran believes very strongly in maintaining a wide range of physical activities and that there is no bad way of exercising.

Ciaran’s clinical passion lies within spinal pain, especially with the majority of the population experiencing difficulty that can be very debilitating.