Lauren 11

Lauren Lloyd

Strength & conditioning


Fitness has played a transformative role in Laurens life, evolving alongside the different stages she's experienced. Initially, it was a means of finding balance in a toxic lifestyle. Then, it became focused on aesthetics. However, during a challenging period, it became a much-needed crutch. In an effort to break free from a toxic working environment in nightlife, she took on the challenge of competing in the WBFF. This experience made her realise that she needed to align her values with her goals in a healthier way.

That's when she shifted her focus towards training for performance. She began exploring and pushing the boundaries of what her body was capable of, becoming stronger and more resilient both mentally and physically.

Now, she specialises in working with professionals, helping them improve their fitness levels and pushing the boundaries of their capacity to work hard, both inside and outside the gym. she believes that building strong foundations is crucial, which is why her training approach emphasises strength and conditioning, mobility, and building athleticism. While aesthetics are certainly a byproduct of our hard work, they are just one aspect of the overall transformation.

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