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Jason Smith

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In the realm of fitness and wellness, Jason would describe himself as very seasoned: someone who has not only shaped bodies but also transformed lives over the past 15 years. he hails from the scenic vistas of New Zealand, as a seasoned fitness enthusiast he has embraced a unique philosophy known as the KAHA WAY, a blend of physical training, nutrition, mindset, and lifestyle coaching, striving for a harmonious balance of mind and body.

Jason's journey in fitness began from a place of compassion and understanding. Initially driven to aid rugby teammates and friends, the journey took a personal turn when Jason supported his parents through their own life and health challenges. This experience ignited a profound interest in the human psyche and the extraordinary resilience it holds.

The crowning jewel of my career thus far is the recent creation of the KAHA MIND BODY PROJECT. Drawing inspiration from the Māori word "Kaha," meaning strength, this project is a beacon of hope for those seeking deep, meaningful change in their lives.

Jasons approach is holistic, yet pragmatic, sprinkled with a dash of Strength and Conditioning (S&C). I tackle all aspects of well-being, addressing stress, emotions, and lifestyle. Jason's programs are comprehensive, offering a blend of rigorous training, nutritional guidance, and practical strategies for managing time and alleviating stress. The ultimate goal? Sustainable health and happiness.

Jason believes what sets him apart is his unwavering commitment to my clients, immersing myself in each individual's journey towards improved health and life. A significant focus is on personalized meal plans and coaching, fostering a healthier relationship with food. Jason believes this to be a foundational key to overall health and embodying KAHA – strength in every sense of the word.

Jasons story is not just about fitness; it's a tale of grit, determination, and the power of a holistic approach to wellness. As Jason continues to inspire and transform lives globally, he hope my legacy is one of strength, resilience, and the profound impact of the KAHA WAY.

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