Georgia John

Tier 2 Coach


Georgia is a results driven Personal Trainer who believes in not only motivating her clients but educating and supporting them throughout their journey towards creating a new lifestyle. Her aim is to help identify your goals, follow an exercise program that fits your needs and guide you through it step by step. She will help you set realistic and sustainable short and long term goals in order to maintain your desired results both physically and mentally.


After having spent the majority of her early life playing a variety of different sports from a very young age it was only natural for Georgia to want to build a career within the fitness Industry.

She is qualified as a Level 3 Personal Trainer who specialises in Strength & Conditioning but is also trained in Combat. Having trained for many years as a body builder she has slowly transitioned into the world of boxing and has gone on to compete in a white collar event. She now has over 5 years experience working with a wide range of different clients from different backgrounds helping them achieve amazing transformations. Georgia empathises the importance of nutrition when it comes to achieving the best possible results for her clients and how essential it is for them to be able to perform exercises with the correct form and technique.

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