Compound Movements

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"Are you using compound movements as part of your training?

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Compound movements are a great tool for you to use, as part of a well balanced training program. When programmed and coached correctly, compound movements can be game changing when it comes to achieving your goals. But do you know why?

Here’s three reasons why you should be using compound movements, as part your training;

  1. Compound movements are efficient and time effective - they target a number of different muscle groups at one time, meaning if you can only train 2-4 times a week, you’re getting much more bang for your buck.

  2. Ready for anything! - Compound exercises are great for building overall, functional strength that carries over into your day to day life. Whether you’re training for Hyrox or just wanting to improve the quality of your life, compound exercises help you build a robust body.

  3. Improve your balance and coordination - A variety of movement patterns and working through longer ranges of motion, compound exercises improve both joint mobility and muscular stability

If you’re looking to learn more about the benefits of compound movements or improve your technique, our team of industry leading coaches can help. Next time you’re in the club, speak to the team and book in your complimentary welcome session.

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