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What is your background/story?

My name is Wassim Ashayer. I’m half Palestinian and half Irish and London raised. A professional fashion model with Select Model Management, as well as being the agencies in-house PT for the models. I have my own PR company specialising in celebrity hospitality across luxury brands and nightlife venues.

What is your proudest achievement?

Becoming a Sweat by BXR instructor obviously! I think helping others fulfil their fitness potential and enjoying a better quality of life is the real answer. I had a troubled top model client who wasn’t working. I trained him for 6 weeks and he quit smoking, drinking, decreased his body fat % considerably as well as dropping 10kg and went on to book a massive campaign, due to his hard work. He is the one that put the work in but it’s nice to be able to help people unlock their full potential and be a good influence and motivation on their journey.

Any nicknames?

Waz or Wazzle!

What’s your favourite / least favourite exercise?

I love Muay Thai. Took it up as a hobby in 2014, it’s great conditioning and it’s always great to punch, elbow, knee and kick things!! Muay Thai is a great exercise for your all round general fitness and cardio. Least favourite...headstands or headstand press ups! I HATE being upside down, I don’t feel safe and feel venerable haha!

What aspect of training do you pride yourself on / bring to your classes?

My work ethic is second to none, so volume is always key in my workouts. I’m all about technique and executing every exercise or rep correctly with conviction and purpose. Expect a natural high after completion of every class!

When are your classes?

TBC but keep your eye on “Sweatbox” class schedule in the SKILLS room, it’s set to be a banger! Boxing workout combined with S&C elements!

What’s your music style in class?

It’s all about a musical journey in class. I always start the class walk in with a notorious hype song to engage the group instantly. Slower pace music for the initial instruction, gradually building the beats for the warm up. Expect iconic bangers and music that you can train to the beat with for the main body of the workout, ranging from commercial, house, Rnb & hip hop. Finally, the cool down is my last chance to really deliver a message to the sweat participants so anything that is powerful yet gives everyone some time and a space to reflect whilst they stretch!

What’s your favourite workout song?

What a difficult question!! My mood changes depending on what energy enters the Sweat room but a guaranteed classic tune to get everyone moving is: DMX - X Gunna Give It To Ya

Describe your class in three words

Time well spent.

What’s your naughty cheat meal?

I’m a sucker for Reece’s peanut butter chocolate, definitely my Achilles heel! I’m a buttermilk pancake fiend so you could occasionally find me in your local “My Old Dutch” stuffing my face now and again but don’t tell anyone if you see me ;)

Where can we find you at the weekend?

Training during the day for sure! Hitting a session in an old school weights gym or doing a Muay Thai session. Night time I will more than likely be working, so entertaining people at a nice restaurant, bar or nightclub!

One thing you can’t live without?

Family! Simple ❤️

2 things people don’t know about you?

I have a ginger twin brother who lives in LA. He looks nothing like me and is only 4 minutes younger! I use to be a field hockey goalkeeper. I played for Bath Buccaneers club wise as well as playing at regional level, West of England!

Come and train with me because...

The proof is in the pudding! I walk my talk and I’m results driven so I know what it takes to be in shape all year round. Consistency is key to any continued success in life and fitness is no different. Ultimately whether you train with me or another instructor at Sweat, we are all equipped to take you to the wire and help you achieve your fitness goals. It just comes down to whether you are willing to give up 45 minutes of your day to put in that work and commit to working on you!