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Ryan Li


  • 9 Years

    Coaching Experience

  • 2

    UK Muay Thai Ranking

  • 29

    Contests Fought

  • 3

    Styles Mastered


Ryan is a professional Muay Thai fighter and fights as part of Team Tieu, one of the UK’s top professional Thai boxing teams. He is currently ranked as the number 2 Muay Thai professional in the UK. He has also amassed over 9 years’ experience as a specialised combat coach.

Ryan caters to a wide variety of capabilities in both Muay Thai and kickboxing and is comfortable training beginners right through to the very advanced in both disciplines. Sessions provide an opportunity for stress relief and are perfect for those who want to maximise fat loss and get into shape both physically and mentally.


Beginners will be taught to kick, punch, knee and elbow using the correct technique. Footwork, stance and basic defence are also key components to his sessions. Intermediate and advanced students will be taught more complex combinations, including strike and clinch techniques which will be applied to live sparring sessions.

This provides the perfect opportunity to learn offensive, defensive and counter attack techniques. Kickboxing Sessions are based upon disciplines of both K-1 Dutch Style kickboxing and Muay Thai. You will learn footwork, proper stance and defence, whilst intermediate and advanced students will learn a variety of combinations and striking techniques.

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