Phillip Pullen

Tier 1 Combat Coach

  • 16 YEARS

    Professional Career

  • 23

    Professional Fights

  • 15

    Amateur bouts

  • 4

    titles held


Phill trains his clients the same way he trains himself- "Specifically to the goal”No one is the same and Phill applies the Personal approach to each and every training session, Crafting your training to develop your natural strengths. Working with you rather than alongside you in building Power, Fitness, Speed and Technical IQ.
"Whatever you goal, together we will achieve it sooner”.


Phill is an active fighter and trainer that has mastered his trade of K1 & Muaythai over the past 16 years, competing in the 4 corners of the world. Phill is well know for his relentless and front foot fighting style, in recent years he as continued to challenge himself mentally and physically by competing in the famous IronMan Triathlon in the UK, France, Ireland and Portugal all in elite times.

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