Philip Bowe

Tier 1 Strength & conditioning coach

  • MSc Applied Strength & Conditioning

    St Mary’s University Merit Result

  • BSc

    Sports Coaching and Performance

  • Olympic Lifting Qualification

    Weightlifting Ireland

  • Personal training level 3

    University Limerick


Philip’s qualifications including a BSc in sports science and MSc in Strength & Conditioning from St Mary’s University.

Philip has gained excellent first-hand experience within professional sport having worked as part of the Sports Science and Strength and Conditioning departments within several professional football clubs such as Bolton wanderers, Manchester City and Fulham Fc as well as working at the prestigious Wimbledon tennis tournament this past summer.

Combing his educational background alongside his practically applied skills allows Philip to help you reach your specific goals.


Philip’s approach to training is founded upon his educational background, implementing research to achieve efficient, effective results for your fitness goals. He implements programmes, specific to each client’s goals and fitness levels using the same principles and findings that he has used with athletes. Sessions are individually tailored to each clients fitness goals.

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