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Nick Hill


  • MSc

    Strength & Conditioning

  • BSc

    Sports Science

  • NSCA

    Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach

  • NASM

    Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • Certified Nutrition Coach

    Precision Nutrition


Nick has gained excellent first-hand experience within professional sport having worked as part of the Sports Science and Strength and Conditioning departments within several professional football clubs as well as working closely with a number of professional boxers.

Combing his vast educational background alongside his practically applied skills allows Nick to be uniquely placed in creating highly personalised holistic programs that will help you to meet your specific goals and ultimately feel better than ever.

Training with Nick you will come away from each session with an increased body awareness and understanding of how to train like an elite athlete.

Previous Experience:
Arsenal FC Ladies, Brentford FC, Charlton Athletic FC, Premier League Wimbledon Tennis.


Nick knows each client’s body as well as the demands of their particular sport and lifestyle is unique therefore customises training programs that are built from a comprehensive movement assessment. This movement assessment will help to identify and prioritise areas of weakness to reduce injury risk and efficiently focus on areas where performance improvement is most needed. The training programs will be appropriately modified at regular intervals to break through plateaus keeping you feeling fully engaged and challenged.

The training programme will be underpinned by looking at influential lifestyle factors such as nutrition, sleep and stress management, allowing Nick to work with you to customise a schedule away from the gym that maximises your performance potential, body composition and unlock areas of growth for everyday life.

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