Lara’s training career started in 2000 when she trained extensively in various methods such as classical and contemporary pilates, gyrokenisis and gyrotonics, Garuda, barre and yoga. Pilates and yoga for dancers and rehabilitation. Lara works with professional dancers, athletes and clients from all walks of life. She developed her own training technique, body by lara Sculpt, which she teaches at various studios in london. In addition to teaching, lara works on developing fitness concepts for major fitness studios in which she trains teachers to teach sculpt concepts. She has successfully ran her own studios in london, and has joined BXR to teach BXR sculpt.


Prior to launching her studio in London, Lara spent years touring around the world with clients, particularly the US where she managed to spend time working with great teachers and choreographers. What Lara offers to the fitness is world is a bridge between strength and graceful movement, merging the world of dance and resistance training to create an empowering and transformative body conditioning method. Lara believes in making fitness accessible to all body types and needs including rehabilitation's.

“We are all capable and each of us is unique, we just need to find out what works for our body and not against. A healthy mind can only thrive is a healthy body, I try to help clients feel empowered, strong and confident by exploring their potential and setting challenges to further develop their resilience and stamina. “

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