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Kashima Doherty

Tier 2 S&C coach

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine

    Level 3

  • Nutrition

    Level 4

  • Pre & Post Natal

    Level 4


Before I started weight training I felt tired and lethargic, I didn’t know how to fuel my body and even though I had always exercised when I was young I still felt weak and scared of lifting weights.

I decided to start weight training and saw my body and energy levels transform, I began to add shape to my physique for the first time and felt energetic.

Now that I have over thirteen years of experience I know what works for me and my clients, I am confident I can help anyone overcome any gym anxiety as I did, educate you on how to fuel your body with nutritious food you enjoy and find a way of moving that doesn’t feel like a chore.

Exercise and healthy living should be enjoyable and I pride myself on making a healthy lifestyle feel easy to my clients, our minds and bodies are capable of so much more than we think they are and i’ll be there every step of the way to help you build that confidence.

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Kashima has thirteen years of training experience, her fitness journey started at the age of 14, sick of reading about the latest diets for women she decided to research building muscle and began weight training.

She then turned her hobby into her career and became a personal trainer, now she empowers women to make the same choices by learning to feel confident in the gym and within themselves.

Kashima encourages women to build strength and a toned figure without any restrictive diets, she educates her clients on nutrition, the benefits of going into the gym with a calculated workout plan which helps to eliminate the fear based around the weight section.

Always learning and growing as a coach Kashima has trained in Pre and post natal and Nutrition. She also engages in CrossFit gymnastics, Boxing, Muay Thai and Mobility work and encourages clients to learn new skills alongside building shape, muscle and strength.

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