Gareth 2

Gareth Thoo

Strength & Conditioning Coach


Gareth is a qualified Personal Trainer with a BSc in Exercise and Sport Science. His approach focuses on results whilst ensuring his clients understand the purpose of their training and nutrition. He builds a bespoke program, tailored to each clients individual goals and abilities. This includes training, nutrition guidance and lifestyle coaching, as well as full support and accountability.

Gareth has worked with elite-level athletes from multiple sports, models, actors and busy professionals. This allows him to not only understand the wide variety of problems that people face when it comes to achieving results but also, know how to solve them.


Gareth began training from a young age. He competed in track and field throughout school and trained in multiple martial arts before finding a passion for boxing. He has more than 15 years of strength training experience and has coached some of the top UFC fighters and martial arts athletes in the world at multiple gyms in Singapore, Brazil and the United States.

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