Elijah Shi Heng Lai

  • 23


  • 12 years

    Professional Career

  • 5

    Championship belts and Medals

  • Official 35th Gen

    Shaolin Fighting Disciple


Elijah began martial arts at the age of 6, starting with karate. This then lead to him moving into boxing, Wing-Chun and many other styles of martial arts. At the age of 15 he was taken under the wing of my masters Shifu Shi Yanzi, 34th generation Shaolin Monk and Shifu Shi Yanlei, 34th generation Shaolin Warrior Disciple. Through their teachings and his own dedication, he was able to show the skill and power of Shaolin in the ring.

Over the years he won many titles and amassed a wealth of knowledge through cross training in multiple combat sports. Through his life long martial arts practice and journey, he now aim's to pass on the knowledge and fight experience he has gained over the past 23 years and bring something different to the combat side of the BXR brand...from willpower grows success.


I have 32 years experience in martial arts.
I am 35th generation shaolin warrior disciple trained under Shaolin monks from the shaolin temple in China.
I have fought in Muay Thai, k1 kickboxing, Sanda Chinese kickboxing and white collar boxing.
I’ve fought at both amateur and pro in K1.
I’ve been competing in the ring since the age of 18 in all the styles named above.
Ringmaster 72kg K1 champion.
BCMMA 70kg Sanda Kick Boxing Champion.
ISKA European K1 kickboxing bronze medalist.
Fought for the 70kg K1 world title UCMMA (formerly Cage Rage)
Formerly part of Team GB K1 Team.
BCMMA Sanda Kickboxing gold, silver and bronze medalist.
10 K1 Kickboxing fights
2 Amateur Muay Thai fights
9 Sanda Kickboxing Fights
2 White Collar Boxing fights
Fight record 17 wins - 5 losses
I have over 12 years experience as a both a PT and combat coach.
Foundation degree in personal training and fitness consultancy, London Metropolitan university.
I have trained at the official shaolin temple in china as well as the official branch here in the Uk for 23 years.
I am an official Shaolin fighting disciple which is a specific sect of the Shaolin Temple.
I have honed my martial arts skills by cross training in many styles, which I have then fought in. These range from kickboxing, Muay Thai, boxing and Chinese kickboxing.
As a shaolin disciple, I teach both external and internal martial arts. The internal through qi gong/meditation and the external through combat.
Currently still an active in white collar boxing.

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