Daniel Soos



Daniel is an ex-professional swimmer and plant-based lifestyle advocate. He helps his clients find their passion for health and fitness.

Throughout his athletic career, Daniel was fascinated by all the aspects that affected his performance and health. This led him to experiment with countless forms of training, nutrition, and mind-set. Leading ultimately to his current plant-based lifestyle. Even though Daniel is continuously seeking to learn more, he is keen to share what he already knows.


Eating an abundant plant-based diet and focusing on creating flow, rather than “forced effort”, has helped transform Daniel’s athletic performance and wellbeing. His goal is to share this knowledge with you and to help you reach your full potential. With an intuitive approach to training and diet, you can drastically improve your overall life experience, with-out the need for constant restriction or “the grind”. Less grind, more flow. That’s what Dan’s all about.

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