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Chris Parr

Strength & Conditioning Coach


Chris believes that your training should be bespoke to your goals and your needs, coupled with a sense of enjoyment. Training sessions should be progressive, with small improvements week on week, leading to life changing results. He works with you, using a collaborative approach to create your goals and a program that wants you "


Chris has grown up with sport and physical activity playing a prominent role in his life. Having taken part in a number of sports, he opted to pursue a career in rugby from the age of 16 and is still actively involved in the sport now, as a coach. Chris has coached at a professional level, with international athletes, both domestically and aboard.

Whilst pursuing a career in coaching, Chris has achieved as Masters Degree in Sports Coaching, as we as having industry leading qualifications in nutrition and Strength and Conditioning. Having recently qualified as specialist Olympic Lifting Coach, he has a vast level of expertise and tools that can be used to help you achieve your goals.

He also has passion for cycling and uses this as a way of getting out to explore the word. His passion for cycling has seen him ride for London to Paris, in 2019, raising money in support of mental health and well-being. He believes Sport and exercise plays a huge part in building a successful and fulfilling lifestyle.

Finally, Chris supports a number of athletes in preparation for Hyrox so if you’ve been thinking about entering, Chris is the man to help you prepare.

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