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Arguably the most important element of any athletic training is Strength & Conditioning. Professional athletes will have their personalised weekly training programs broken up into the different areas of strength and conditioning on specific days allowing for appropriate rest and recovery between sessions. SWEAT S&C brings this bespoke opportunity to those who want to become stronger as well as fitter.

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Sweat By BXR

S&C's Core Structure

Sweat by BXR sessions focus on the main elements of Strength & Conditioning - Strength, Mobility and Endurance. Our timetable of sessions focus on these yet schedules them at different times and days to allow for appropriate rest and recovery between sessions. Designed by Jamie Reynolds (Anthony Joshua’s S&C coach & Nike Master Trainer) has curated and designed sessions focused on the main pillars of Strength & Conditioning – including: Strength, Mobility and Endurance.

Total Body Strength

Total Body Strength(TBS) focuses on just that, using dumbbells, kettle-bells & suspension training to help you push, pull & lift your way to a stronger you.

Body Conditioning

This high intensity session uses conditioning methods practiced by modern athletes & boxers, specifically designed to raise your heart rate & develop your energy systems.

Suspension Training

Our TRX suspension training sessions provide a complete body workout by incorporating calisthenics - the use of your own body weight, as resistance.

Sweat by BXR

Other Training Sessions