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No matter what type of athlete you are…invariably you will have a skill and technique that will need to be developed and practiced on a regular basis to make you better. At the heart of BXR is boxing and that vein continues in our signature studio ‘Skills’.

Regardless of whether boxing is your chosen sport or a technique you want to develop and learn; due to the physical nature of boxing it is widely renowned as one of the best overall body conditioning methods of training. So participating in our ‘Skills’ sessions will have an overall conditioning benefit to any individual.

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Sweat By BXR

Skills Sessions

Experience High intensity rounds of: boxing, bodyweight exercises & ab/core drills paired with high-energy music. Our curated sessions, focusing on the essentials elements of boxing technique allow you to learn and hone your ‘Skills’ with a variety of drills on individual boxing bags – During the week sessions also proportion an element of focus on a specific ‘Skill’ to further improve your technique…

Straight Jab Mondays

Hook Tuesdays

Uppercut Wednesdays

Kickboxing Thursdays

Footwork Fridays

Total Body Weekends

Sweat By BXR

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