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Sweat By BXR


Engage and move through the flows of Yoga learning the disciplines and increasing your flexibility. Build your inner strength and develop key skills to maintain your journey in the Ashtanga and dynamic Vinyasa methods.


A mixture of rolling, stretching and flexibility movements to assist in the recovery and mobility of a worked-out body. A relaxing but focused session working through different areas to aid recovery and release tension. There is music in these sessions and discussions throughout to ensure the understanding of each stretch with a playful demeanour.

Sweat By BXR


Learn how to move through some dynamic mobility. Focusing on improving the health of your joints, while activating all key muscle groups to prepare and ignite your body and mind before any physical exercise preventing injury.


Slowing things down, using the power of breathing to gently restore peace to the body. Unwind and release tension as you move through a range of motions designed to improve flexibility for all levels at your pace.

Sweat By BXR

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