Boxing Fitness - What are the benefits?

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Boxing is one of the world’s most loved sports. And although few have experienced a professional fight inside the ring, you will have likely been touched by the sport through its many links to the cultural zeitgeist. The sports popularity continues to rise with interest in the sport at an all time high thanks to icons like our very own Anthony Joshua.

Despite this rise in popularity, there remains a lot of incorrect assumptions that surround boxing and the training behind the sport; throwing the hardest punch and causing the most physical damage to your opponent isn’t the whole truth. Becoming a world champion takes grit, skill, dedication and years of practice to get to the top.

You don’t have to be a world champion to benefit from training like a champion however. More and more people are incorporating boxing training into their fitness regimen because of the fitness, health and mental benefits. Curious to know more? Read on below…


It will come as no surprise that incorporating boxing into your weekly exercise routine can have fantastic benefits on your overall physical health and fitness, so if your fitness goals are more physical based, then keep reading.


Boxers are often thought of as some of the strongest athletes in the world and for good reason. It is commonly believed that the strength of boxers is mainly in the arm and shoulder muscles, but the truth is that being a top boxer means full-body strength. Landing the most impactful punches comes from a strong core and legs, just as much as the upper body.

Cardiovascular Health

In pro-boxing, cardiovascular strength is so important, you can be fighting for up to 12 three-minute rounds with just short one-minute breaks in between, meaning there is very little time for recovery before the intensity begins again. This means that training your cardiovascular strength is just as important as training your muscles or you simply won't be able to keep up with your opponent.

Hand Eye Coordination

Hand eye-coordination is arguably the most important skill in the boxing ring, keeping your eyes on your surroundings, whilst also providing split-second reactions to your opponent's movements is essential to offence and defense. Training hand-eye coordination is something that is often overlooked in boxing training, but it should not be assumed that this comes naturally to everyone, so practicing is key. Being able to react both quickly and effectively is key to success in the ring.

Resistance and Toning

So will incorporating boxing into your workout routine help to build and tone muscle? The answer in short is yes. As a full-body workout, boxing can help to build muscle in your arms, legs, back and shoulders.


Improved Confidence

Much like most sports, with intense training comes improved confidence, not only due to improved fitness, but also due to enhanced mental fitness and resilience.

Stress and Anxiety Relief

It’s difficult to think about anything else whilst boxing other than boxing, due to the intense focus and physical exertion it involves. Let off some steam and release your anger and stress on the bag, and leave the gym feeling mentally lighter.

Better Sleep Quality

The more tired you are, the more easily you are going to sleep. One thing is for sure, you will feel tired after an intense boxing workout. Science has shown that people who partake in at least 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise should see improved sleep quality that night due to the elevated heart rate creating biological processes in the brain and body which contribute to a better night sleep.


Do I have to get in the boxing ring?

No! There are many ways in which boxing can be incorporated into your workout routine which doesn’t involve stepping into the ring with an opponent. The beauty of boxing is that you can do it wherever you want and wherever you feel most comfortable, if that is in your own home, at a class or in your garden.

Which parts of the body does boxing work out?

Boxing is a full body workout, which trains all parts of your body from the inside out.

Which boxing classes can I do at BXR?

Boxing lies at the heart of BXR and that vein continues in our Sweat by BXR studio in its two signature classes SWEATBOX & SKILLS.

SWEATBOX is a two-part, full-body workout, consisting of four rounds (2 x boxing & 2 x floor work). BOXING SKILLS, focuses on boxing technique whilst delivering a full body conditioning workout. Which will you pick?