Infrared Sauna

Step into the soothing warmth of infrared light, penetrating deep into your muscles for a detoxifying experience like no other. Elevate relaxation, stimulate collagen production, and amplify your overall wellbeing.

The Benefits

Cardiovascular Health

Spend 5-20 minutes per session, with 2-3 sessions weekly. Experience the sauna's time-tested mood-enhancing effects.

everyday health

Harness the power of deliberate heat exposure for improved mood and stress management.

Growth Hormone Release

Optimise growth hormone release with intermittent sauna use. Spend multiple sessions of 30 minutes each, including cool-down periods. Achieve the best results in a semi-fasted state, once a week.

Combine with Cold Exposure

For maximum metabolic gains, alternate sauna sessions with deliberate cold exposure during rest periods.


Session duration can be used however you please between services.

single sessions

25 minutes - £40

45 minutes - £60

pack of 5 sessions

25 minutes - £190

25 minutes - £280

pack of 10 sessions

25 minutes - £360

45 minutes - £540

guest prices

25 minutes - +£10

45 minutes - +£20

Located at our Marylebone site

Chiltern Street
London W1U 5QY
Entrance: 24 Paddington Street