11 minutes a week

Spend just 11 minutes a week on cold exposure. Not in one go, but in 2-4 sessions, lasting 1-5 minutes each, spread across the week. This is the minimum for reaping cold exposure benefits.

The colder the exposure (like cold water immersion or showers), the less time you need.

Cold exposure can boost energy, focus, and mood. It releases adrenaline and noradrenaline, keeping you energised. It also triggers dopamine release, enhancing mood, focus, and energy.

In the short term, cold exposure revs up your metabolism as your body burns calories to stay warm.

If you're into high-intensity exercise, cold exposure can be a fantastic recovery tool. Short intervals of cold water immersion can improve muscle power, reduce soreness, and boost recovery.
So, in a nutshell, Andrew Huberman's cold exposure protocol is a quick and effective way to energise, focus, and recover through controlled exposure to cold.

The Benefits

Boost Energy & Focus

Experience a surge of epinephrine and norepinephrine, heightening alertness and concentration. Cold exposure will leave you feeling invigorated, ready to conquer any task.

Build Resilience & Grit

Cold exposure stimulates a prolonged release of dopamine, lifting your spirits and sharpening your mental faculties. Enjoy lasting mood, energy, and focus improvements.

Enhance Your Mood

By confronting the challenge of cold exposure, you gain control over your reflexes, nurturing resilience and grit. This newfound mental strength extends beyond the ice bath.

Rev Up Your Metabolism

In the short term, cold exposure fires up your metabolism, burning calories and converting white fat into metabolically active brown fat. Perfect for adapting to the cold and boosting your calorie burn.

A Solid Basic Protocol

Just 11 minutes per week, spread across 2-4 sessions, is all it takes to reap the rewards of cold exposure. Our water temperature is comfortably cold yet safe, ensuring you get the most from this invigorating experience.


Session duration can be used however you please between services.

single session

Intro Session (45 Minutes) - £45

25 minutes - £50

45 minutes - £70

pack of 5 sessions

25 minutes - £190

45 minutes - £280

pack of 10 sessions

25 minutes - £360

45 minutes - £540

Add a guest

25 minutes - +£10

45 minutes - +£20