The BXR clinic powered by CHHP provides the very latest in specialist sports and injury services. The clinic can provide you with innovative management plans including manual therapy, clinical rehabilitation and specialised strength and conditioning. If you train like a champion you should receive treatment like one too!

CHHP adopt a philosophy centred upon a 360-degree, holistic approach centered not only on isolated injury, but is always viewed within the context of overall physical health. We believe that in offering this full 360 holistic approach, our clients receive comprehensive and unrivalled support on their recovery from injury and return to being top of their game.

BXR London | BXR & CHHP Clinic


The BXR clinic offers the highest level of care in the form of Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, soft tissue therapy and Rehabilitation Services. These services at the BXR clinic are available to both members and non-members, with members receiving an exclusive discount.



Doug Tannahill | Osteopath


BXR London | BXR & CHHP Clinic

Doug is a highly experienced Osteopath and Strength and conditioning coach. His varied skill set has helped hundreds of people from all walks of life get back to their best following pain and injury.

MSc Sports & Exercise Sciences
Qualified Personal Trainer, American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
Qualified C.H.E.K Practitioner (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiologist).
Masters in Osteopathy
Registered Osteopath


Sophie Lane | Physiotherapist


BXR London | BXR & CHHP Clinic

Sophie’s clinical interests lie within the Lower Limb, the Knee, Foot & Ankle, and she has a keen interest in Hypermobility. She also enjoys functional strength training and rehabilitation.

MSc Performing Arts Medicine
BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy
Vocal Massage
Medical Acupuncture
Spinal Manipulation


Oli Williamson | Physiotherapist


BXR London | BXR & CHHP Clinic

Whether in a sporting context or not, watching a patient reach their personal goals and knowing you had a significant part to play is hugely rewarding. Oli enjoys working with both athletes and enthusiasts to help identify causative factors towards their injury, using his skills in manual therapy and rehabilitation to optimise recovery.

MSc Physiotherapy
Post Graduate Diploma in Sports & Remedial Massage
BSc Sports & Exercise Science
Certified Integrative Manual Therapy for Chronic Pain Specialist
Certified Movement Analysis, Rehabilitation & Training Specialist


Barry Sigrist | Sports Therapist


BXR London | BXR & CHHP Clinic

Whether you are injured and in need of rehabilitating or looking for ways to improve your performance Barry can help. Barry specialises in movement enhancement which consists of analysing the way you move, what you’re using and what you’re not. By focusing on this, he can improve your efficiency, leading to more efficient movement, enhanced performance and injury prevention.

MSc Sports & Exercise Rehabilitation
Post Graduate Diploma in Sports & Remedial Massage
BSc Sports Therapy (1st Class Honours)
BSc Sports Science
Member of the Society of Sports Therapists



To book your appointment or for all enquiries contact our team, email us: reception@bxrlondon.com or call on 020 3146 3436.

Some services are covered by health care insurance providers. For further Sports Science services offered at CHHP Harley Street go to: www.chhp.com